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Dock Rite offers design features that provide years of worry free use.


The Dock Rite truss style dock is easy to install. Roll-in, drop-in the decking, level the screw jack legs with a cordless drill and enjoy. This style of dock works best when storage of long sections is not a problem. As with all roll-in type docks the water level should be less than 8 feet with a firm bottom. For deeper water or mucky lake bottoms please see the information on floating docks
Truss Style Dock
The Dock Rite sectional dock is light weight and sturdy. Because this dock breaks down into 10’ sections it is ideal when winter storage is a problem.
Sectional Style Dock
Floating docks are available in either aluminum or galvanized steel truss frames. And all decking options. Ideal for use in deep or changing water conditions or when the lake bottom is mucky. Standard posts length is 10’ for 2” post and 6’ for 1-1/4” posts.
Floating Dock

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