Dock Rite Lift Accessories Lift accessories specifically designed for your Dock Rite boat lift are sure to ad to your enjoyment.. Product #: 0001

Dock Rite Lift Accessories

Image of various Dock Rite boat lifts configured on a dock on a lake..

Customize Your Vertical Boat Lift & Make Your Boating Experience Even Better

Warm sunny days are perfect for fishing, boating, water skiing and all of your favorite lake activities. Accessorize your boat lift and make your summer at the lake even better.

  • All of our accessories are designed specifically for use on your Dock Rite boat lift.
  • Our lift accessories complete your boat lift by adding ease of use and extra features specific to your needs.
  • Superior quality and workmanship.

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Image of a Dock Rite electric chain drive boat lift winch.
Dock Rite Electric Power Winches
They are available in 110 and 12 Volt options. These options come standard with a wireless remote and solar panel, solar mount included.
Image of the Dock Rite solar panel and solar panel mount.
Solar Panel & Solar Panel Mount
The solar panel provides power for the winch where power is not available.
Image of the Dock Rite adjustable motor stop.
Adjustable Motor Stop
The adjustable motor stop makes sure that your boat is on the lift properly.
Image of the Dock Rite adjustable pontoon motor stop.
Adjustable Pontoon Motor Stop
The adjustable pontoon motor stop makes sure that your pontoon is on the lift properly.
Image of the Dock Rite stationary wheel kit.
Stationary Wheel Kit
The Dock Rite stationary wheel kit is designed to lift on all four corners for ease of installation and removal of vertical lifts.
Image of the Dock Rite 16' wood pontoon rack.
16' Wood Pontoon Rack
The wooden pontoon rack lifts your pontoon from the deck and acts as a guide-on.
Image of the Dock Rite double pontton bunk for pontoon boat lifts.
Double Pontoon Bunks
The double pontoon bunk is used when you want to lift your boat from the pontoons.
Image of the Dock Rite Pontoon Mini Bunk Cradle system.
Mini Double Bunk System
The Pontoon Mini Bunk Cradle System is designed with low water conditions in mind. They are made with maintenance free vinyl and will give you years of worry free use.
Image of the Dock Rite vinyl covered aluminum full lenth bunk.
Vinyl Covered Aluminum Full Length Bunks
They are sold in pairs and are ideal for fiberglass boats. They are made with aluminum and maintenance free vinyl, that will not scrape or scratch your watercraft.
Image of Dock Rite spring loaded guide sticks.
Spring Loaded Guide Sticks
The Dock Rite spring loaded guide stick is sold in pairs. Made with polyethene logs that last longer than foam and make landing your boat easier, especially in rough water.
Image of the Dock Rite Spring loaded full length guide-ons.
Spring Loaded (14' Vertical) Full Length Guide-ons
Made with carpeted wood, they are less likely to damage decals. They are a must if you have an inboard motor boat.
Image of the Dock Rite
"T" Lift
The "T" Lift is used for raising lift to adjust pads or to put the lift on wheels.